BALT 918 TITANIUM - Innovation 2018
  BALT 918 TITANIUM will be a semi-planing cruiser with an extensive deck and a spacious cockpit with an additional sitting area with table. Project of the yacht is the fruit of understanding the needs of clients who appreciate a vessel not for its big size but for its functionality which results from clever solutions for space and storage, ease of maneuvering, elegance and appropriete price.   The mess is designed in a form of a living room. It is light and sunny, pleasant for the skipper as well as for the whole crew. This particular solution of interior layout unites the cruise’s participants and allows them to socialize regardless of the activities performed. The enclosed front windshield enables admiring views and protects from wind and bad weather.   There are three comfortable sleeping cabins with standing height, available below the deck. These rooms contain cabinets and comfy, full-size berths. All this, has been thoroughly finished by experienced boatbuilders from Balt-Yacht shipyard. The sanitary cabin does not limit the user, either. It is light, ergonomic, spacious and equipped with all necessary fittings - toilets, warm water, wash basin, shower, heating and ventilation.   The main idea of the project, BALT 918 TITANIUM, was the following sentence by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe - “Less is more”. The aim was to create a yacht without any unnecessary, enhancements and ornaments. The designers rise to the challenge and created an elegant yacht, with a consistent design that fascinates by its balanced proportions, charm and simplicity.   The long, going down windows of the mess together with the long, sleek roof finished with a soft slant over the fairing give an impression of slenderness and splendour. The hull is 8.3 m long and 3.0m wide, and it is perfect for feasting on the bow deck and also for an easy and agile maneuvering in a tight, crowded port.     Main features of the boat  BALT 918 TITANIUM:   Modern design Deck Salon - the daily space for the whole crew, where the galley is ergonomically blended in - enabling meal preparation, relaxation and socializing on one level and also protects from rain and wind Spacious and functional interior - makes the time spent on the water passing in comfort. Standing height, numerous cabinets and shelves will make everyone feel comfortably like home The hull is 8.3m long and contains 3 fully furnished, lockable berth cabins with standing height Semi-planing hull - it is economy and secure. The low engine power ensures lower fuel consumption and the hull’s construction enables faster sailing in a semi-planing manner, so that in case of an emergency the vessel can be safely maneuvered Various drive versions available - outboard engines of different power, in-board diesel with shaft and with a Z-drive - they will meet the expectations of demanding customers.      
Balt 818 Titanium is a technologic work overtaking – literally and figuratively speaking – all present houseboats. It’s a very first houseboat built on a base of semi-planing hull 8m length. Balt 818 Titanium will guarantee in emergency case (weather changing ; collision course with bigger ship on the river, or harbors bay ; strong rivers current ; unfortunate incident,accident ) sufficient power and speed to avoid danger. Speed 22-25 km/h will provide pleasant and safe motion in most beautiful places of rivers, lakes, bays or golfs. Mostly Balt 818 Titanium will be used for leisurely floating with speed appr. 8 – 10 km/h offering the passengers a quietness, comfort, economy and most important –the joy of every moment on the water independently of the weather thanks to stylish, modern roof emphasizing an individual boats character. Most important advantages of Balt 818 Titanium: Innovative semi-planing hull which ensure the optimal speed appr. 22-25 km/h using relatively small outboard engine. Modern, stylish design, individual boats character. Large economy by leisure motion using an outboard engine. Diesel engine’s version Very competitive price Covered cockpit, opened around ensure good visibility. No worry about hot days, enjoy the shade in cockpit, and blowing, cooling air. Cockpit with ”L”-shaped couch offer you a perfect place for evening with friends. Comfortable communication allowed to walk easily on deck. Boats dimensions and weight allowed Balt 818 Titanium to be transported using your car and trailer. Draught appr.40cm encourage you to moor on the coast, wherever you want to moor. Aft platform facilitates to go into the water. Interior offers you 6 sleeping places, galley and separate WC-cabin. Table in saloon has been designed perpendicular to big,panoramic window. Relax inside and admire the site – flowering coast of the canal in Netherlands, beach on the Neusiedler lake in Austria or, exclusive London City district. Feel free inside – roomy, sunny interior offers standing height until the bow berth. Technical space makes possible for us to instal all systems which you need – warm water, sea toilet with waste tank, shower, gas cooker, heating, electronics.   This offer is non contractual.Yachts Export Poland reserves the right to modify equipment and price without advance notice.Errors and printing mistakes are reserved.Photos can depict additional equipment which is not included in the offer.